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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. preparing to bury the victims of new zealand's mosque attacks will soon begin to return the bodies of some of the fifty victims. watching all deserve a live from also coming up. brings devastation to parts of southern africa with dozens of people dead on the. chaos in the french capital in yellow vests protest against the president and his reforms turned violent. then as well as opposition leader kicks off what he calls
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operation freedom and its latest effort to oust the embattled leader for the. new zealand's top police officers say there will be a highly visible presence across the country as people return to work on monday this comes after friday's wasc attacks in which fifty people were killed by a lone gunman and christ church the police commissioner says that will be extra security around the schools businesses and places of worship minister just in the ardor and says she's been working with the muslim community to ensure the victims' bodies are returned as soon as possible for burial and they hope to have the back by wednesday. well tributes are being held across new zealand to honor the victims of the attack and as the country mourns families prepare to bury their loved ones
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under thomas has more from christchurch on the outskirts of christ church they are digging graves fifty i need it now the official number killed rose on sunday when police clearing bodies from the two mosques attacked found one they had not been aware of before. a list of victims names have been shared with. the police commissioner confirmed that the man they have in custody brenton tyrant is the only suspect in friday's attacks three others arrested shortly after they took place are not now believed to have been involved. called a witness the immediate aftermath of the attacks he was driving past the hour no mosque and saw people running he jumped out of his call to help the wounded and the dying it was a father no daughter who are fighting for their laws particularly the daughter to be about five she was touching god. i've not the boat and managed to get the father
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of the daughter in the back of that and out because the ambulances weren't coming on their way to let on because i was on the edge of the cordon that i would let in because the area was a secure. you know what happened to that go for them and one of her that there was a father and daughter that hostile wife and the daughter this fall i don't know whether that was the site. of the building that we were near. in wellington new zealand's prime minister met with muslim communities to again stress the solidarity and support and around the country a christian church services muslim victims were in the thoughts and prayers thirty six people remain in hospital twelve still in a critical condition many of the patients that are being already gone from the incident require more surgeries as a consequence of the complexity of the nature of the injuries in
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a christ church where house volunteers are giving their time and florists their flowers to make bouquet to lay on coffins each one represents a life a family member that were a mom or day it's. all brother or sister. church or sound if it's so i think. there will be fifty bouquets for fifty new graves i'm sure thomas al-jazeera cross church. correspondent len hayes outside christchurch hospital where the victims' bodies have been taken what are you hearing. yes that's not only the injured inside the hospital behind me but also the bodies of those people who were killed in the shooting on friday i can tell you that the two mosques where the shootings took place. and a nearby mosque just
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a still very much active crime scenes the police forensic team still working those areas to try and pick up any clues as to how this unfolded on friday but the bodies have all been removed now from those two buildings and brought here to the christchurch hospital where the post-mortems have begun they began on sunday morning and the next step will be as the prime minister said will be to begin handing the bodies back to the family members who of course have been anxiously waiting to get their relatives back so they can begin the funeral and burial process is that something that some of them anyway have spoken about they feel that this process has been a bit too slow we also heard from the prime minister on sunday confirming a report that said that she received an e-mail she was among many people to receive an e-mail from. the main suspect in fact now the only suspect in
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this case just minutes before the shootings took place. i was one of more than fish the recipients of a mean a manifesto that was mild out nine minutes before the attack took place it did not include a location it did not include specific dates house i'm advised that within two minutes of its receipt at least smile office it was conveyed directly to palin me tree security but the assurance i wanted to go visit had it provided details that could have been edited on immediately it would have been that there unfortunately would such and. so new zealand prime minister just. really saying that that manifesto that was emailed by the sole suspect in this shooting really was in significance in the end but no doubt will require further
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investigation to see with any further clues in this manifesto and who it was emailed to just minutes before the shooting took place there's going to be a cabinet meeting she confirmed on monday in the capital wellington and the prime minister saying that all aspects of this situation all of this mess on friday will be discussed in the cabinet meeting so that is about gun control laws she's been very outspoken about the fact that they will be changes to the gun laws in new zealand possibly also there will be discussion in that meeting about handing greater powers to the intelligence communities she's also saying she's taking advice on the issue of possibly deporting brinton tyrant to australia some time after the judicial process takes place that is something she says she still taking advice on but no doubt will come up in that cabinet meeting on monday wednesday and cries tears for us thank you. now we'll have more new zealand later in the program
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but for now let's move on to other news tropical cyclone is causing more death and destruction in southern africa as i'm bob way is the latest country to feel the storm's force at least thirty one people have been killed this flash floods swept away homes bridges and roads dozens remain missing and the bad weather is slowing down the rescue efforts now the storm is already killed there on one hundred people in malawi and mozambique tens of thousands of there have been forced from their homes and power blackouts have been widespread you largish him way from the international federation of red cross and the red crescent says the full extent of the damage isn't clear yet the first reports we have that bay city of baylor in surroundings have taken a serious beating we have recrossed teams in all the locations of the country so even before the landfall we had some teams there are so we do have
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a few people on the ground so in terms of what we're trying to do is in a situation like this so many homeless so the first thing we're trying to provide is shelter in this is compounded by the fact that even before the land for of psycho and he died thousands of people had already been displaced by the floods you know you have to remember about this landfall of this comes after days of heavy rains which have caused floods not only just mozambique but also in neighboring countries and towns. welcome what is in central mozambique for us. since the cyclamen mozambique's coast where we are trying to wrench rains and strong winds revisit swollen power lines and blown down cycling is a common in the indian ocean at this time of year but few of them hit land and this one has been particularly destructive because it came ashore mozambique's fourth largest city they are and we're still three hundred kilometers from there we're trying to reach there and it's not easy you can see the kind of damage that the
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cyclons done even here the whole bridge completely washed away because of this wall and river because the enormous amount of rainfall just within the last day or two some aid trucks trying to pass here to try and reach people in bay where they've had to turn around and take another route and in the city of beirut all communications are off the airports closed the power is down through it's very hard to find out what the extent of the damage there actually is with no communications of course and transport routes a lot it's very difficult to find out what's going on also for the people who are there to get the help that they need and for more on this our meteorologist everton fox joins me now on set so average and what can we expect over the next few days where we're hearing about the enormous amounts of rainfall that we've already had a freight there's plenty more to come this is a scary statistic to think of some parts could see as much as maybe nine hundred millimeters of rain so the best part of the meter is not out of the question and
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the reason for that you will recall that it's been such a slow moving system this one it's been it got stuck over the most empty channel the warm waters of the most channel drew up lots of moisture and that is slowly staggered its way across most eastern parts of now seeing huge amounts of rainfall and one of two the spots in eastern zimbabwe western parts of of mozambique they've seen around four hundred millimeters of rain in the in the last twenty four hours alone so huge huge amounts of rainfall and i think we're going to see showers on. and off really for the next three or four days more heavy showers to come as you call through to parts of this week and how unusual is it or for this time of the year is this what is to be expected and is this quite extreme this is this is the cycling season so it's not unusual to see them here at this particular time of the year but actually get this kind of volume of rainfall it's no longer a truck a tropical site we should bear that in mind in terms of the winds is not
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a problem but it's just the vast amounts of rainfall that it had this thrown down and it still continues to bring down across the same area this huge problem everton folks bringing us up to date with that weather system across africa thank you so much ok and we can over in asia flash floods have killed at least fifty people in the indonesian province of pop or. rain triggered the damage in the provincial capital in jayapura flood waters have receded leaving a trail of mud fallen trees and homes which drying out. we'll have plenty was still ahead there are. a return to the streets of the world's only one that highway ruptured and violent riots again despite a ban on protests. and emotions are running high in northern iraq as forensic experts mass graves for eyes of victims.
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we have typical spring like conditions across much of europe now blustery showers rattling in the cross the moth west say some of that wet weather just driving its way down into northern areas of france through the low countries and digging down towards the central positive for the next couple of days down across the maid is fine and dry lots of warm sunshine coming through now it's gorgeous conditions athens getting up to twenty one celsius and nineteen the four right going up to twenty one two there for madrid they can see the showers continue to just drift in cross the british isles danica's a good part of france along the line of rain just making its way across france and sinking further south was dragging the temperature down by around ten degrees in spirit by monday afternoon the shadows will concede to come in behind but it does look a little dry and it should dry up across western passes we go through the week meanwhile
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some snow coming in across the outs some wet weather then to move the merriest of the balkans in the fine weather continues right through the mediterranean brooke arrest gets up to twenty four celsius and gorgeous sunshine here as well also sunshine to across north africa warm sunshine that will see as of around four twenty three celsius there for karachi twenty two in tripoli fun and dry weather continuing on into monday there but with a high of twenty degrees. the weather sponsored by the continent. for more than a decade he's been considered. threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers conducted by special counsel robert mueller but what we want in return is you bill browder a multimillionaire investor in russia china and she put an activist talks to us just zero.
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zero zero again if you're watching our desire and here's from one of our main stories this hour new zealand's top police officer says there will be a highly visible presence across the country when people return to work on monday this follows attacks which killed fifty people at two mosques in christchurch. and prime minister just and our durned says she's working with the muslim community to ensure bodies are returned to families quickly for burial. and at least thirty one people have died in eastern zimbabwe as tropical cyclone to die pushes west from was a big more than forty people are believed to be missing. or down those mosque attacks
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and new zealand which is part of a new debate about gun laws gupta takes a look at that side of the story these are the guns brenton tyrant the man charged with the crisis killings showed the world before friday's indiscriminate killings inside two mosques talented obtained a gun license and twenty seven t.v. and belong to a gun club where he practiced on the shooting range there an estimated one point five million firearms in a country of less than five million people. gun owners need a license and moscow two background checks and safety training but once they have a license there is no restriction on the number of weapons making it difficult for authorities to track them there is a restriction on the type of weapons though military style guns automatics and handguns require a special license and must be registered new zealand is
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a country where gun crimes are so rare the police don't routinely carry firearms but some analysts think friday's killings may lead to more public scrutiny of the existing laws what happened was completely unexpected but this is going to be a catalyst for change because often for countries to change the firearms both you need a magnitude of being like this and this may be that event we know with some of the far around but about ninety five percent of the firearms are untraceable and this instant it's a particular problem because the man seems to have got the firearms lawfully new zealand's gun laws will last amended nine hundred ninety two in response to the killing of thirteen people in our romana by a man armed with military style weapons neighboring australia now has some of the world's strictest rules they too were in response to a mosque shooting where a gunman killed thirty five people and tasmania in one thousand nine hundred six
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a month earlier a man in the u.k. killed sixteen schoolchildren with handguns that prompted the government there to impose strict gun laws now friday's attacks are forcing the new zealand government to rethink its gun laws undoubtedly new zealanders will question how someone could have come to have been in position of weapons of this nature. one of the issues we fry seeing is that. the guns that were used in this case appears to have bring modified a challenge the government says it will respond to. priyanka gupta. danielle circus a professor of political science at the university of waikato in hamilton new zealand and he says the gun laws are relatively unrestrictive yeah nine hundred ninety eight after a mass killing thirteen people. there were changes made since then it has been
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difficult to amend the nine hundred eighty three arms act however i think that this will provide some impetus for equal play however the changes to the arms act have been pretty used in terms of a private member's bill and or have failed in new zealand it's interest saying that the guns are not registered but rather the gun users and owners are registered once they pass a very strict vetting process richard choirs to. people to advise on their character. requires that they take some sort of gun training course even then. if they achieve zero zero zero except and they can accumulate almost as many guns as they would like moving on to more of the day's news now that
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it's well its opposition leader has begun a national story it's a new effort to oust the president nicolas maduro. kicked off what's being called operation freedom and the northern city of aleppo yes he is in a tense power struggle with my jurors who accuses the u.s. of moscow mining a coupe thought well so far washington has focused mainly on sanctions to increase the pressure on my door and that's made in the already dire economic situation even worse has a bow has this report from cockpits. i feel philly is in desperate need of medicines he suffers from diabetes and needs dialysis three times a week but the power outages of the past few days have been difficult for people like him. because of the blackout i couldn't do my dialysis my felt dizzy and weak i don't know what is going to happen in this country. and sometimes i feel there is no way out i flew the leaves with his wife so. our poor neighborhood in caracas the
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situation is extremely difficult for people in venezuela that need medicines alfredo was told that he needs to take all of the medicines and he was not able to find them he was also given this other one at the hospital last week and it is expired people here fear that with sanctions the situation will get even worse. venezuela's cash strapped government is struggling with an economic crisis that has forced the country to reduce imports this combined with hyperinflation is making it difficult for people to buy or even find medicines hospitals are struggling to find basic items to help those in need. the venezuelan government says the united states is to blame for the current situation but i am told i have done everything to try to import medicines and all that our money is being blocked because of the u.s. treasury one them to release our farm so we can provide our people with. most economists
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say u.s. sanctions were implemented four years ago when the damage to the economy was already done. well first sanctions that prevented venezuela from negotiating its step came after venezuela already had one of the highest risks in the world the risk was because of the drop in oil prices and the government continued with the same policies venezuela continued spending when it already had billions of dollars and. but in january this year the u.s. announced new sanctions with the objective to choke venezuela's economy even more. this time they have had a direct impact on oil exports. the u.s. financial system has tentacles around the world so any commercial operation that has anything to do with venezuela will be affected any transaction that is in u.s. dollars will be affected you know the real sanctions began. the european
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union and other countries in the region recognize opposition leader as interim president. the u.s. has said it wants to force out of office and hope the new sanctions will help speed up the process if. the united states is betting on a total collapse of the country and it has been disappointing there's been applied in cuba and iran and north korea yes the government got weaker they have complications but the government didn't change. many economy will certainly deteriorate even further as the u.s. sanctions start to impact the oil sector later this year but it will be people. who are surely suffer the most. to france now where more than two hundred people have been arrested in paris in the eighteenth week of yellow vest protest lease fired tear gas and water cannon to
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deter the demonstrators who set fire to buildings and cars. as this report. was a police van becomes a target for i'm going to test it. i after weeks of relatively peaceful marches against president emanuel macro economic reforms the protests once again have descended into violence. right has run such shops and such buildings and cars and light the despite long running complaints of police brutality the government says it will continue to take a tough stance not just missouri to saluting her all the people take our responsibilities to maintain public order by preventing trouble and putting up with the attack because we need a proportionate but very firm response. was a cannon's did little to quell the fury of defiant protesters despite the weekly
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demonstrations gradually getting smaller ten thousand people are estimated to have been on the streets on saturday more than three times the number of a week ago. the spike in turnout follows the end of the series of national debates launched by president back home to return over to them with issued or grievances made or demands and actually we saw that they were not hurt we got only violence in return they have been thirteen dead and thousands injured it's the only dialogue we had in response that submersible save him we're still here on the streets and if he does not satisfy our demands well we'll take back the roundabouts we will head everywhere and we will block roads more than two hundred people were arrested as tensions rise over the policies of what a protest to say is an out of touch government president has cut short a weekend trip to return to the capital but it's unclear how far he's prepared to go to appease protesters and stem the rising tide of social unrest. in duke way al
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jazeera. and the spanish capital people from catalonia protested against the trial of twelve pro independence leaders there was a heavy police presence in madrid after three hundred eighty bus loads of people travelled from across cuts alone year on the leaders were arrested following the twenty seventeen independence referendum accused of treason by madrid students in nicaragua defy the protest banner and march through the capital there demanding the release of hundreds of political prisoners arrested last year. as more. anti-government demonstrators openly defied president or take its ban on protesting on saturday it was the first time people had taken to the streets since october when they suffered a violent backlash and once again they were met with heavy handed police tactics protesters are calling on the government to end the repression and are demanding
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the release of all political prisoners. with fighting for the freedom of prisoners they're not criminals just people who want to corrupt leader that he will take a. journalist covering the demonstrations were also attacked as protesters sought shelter in malls and houses dozens of demonstrators and members of the press were arrested. the rest began a year ago with students demonstrating against a national pension reform plan the government response left a least three hundred sixty people dead scores injured and more than seven hundred imprisoned. two weeks ago president daniel ortega renewed calls for a national dialogue facing increasing international pressure and then economic crisis on friday he released fifty prisoners as a show of goodwill joining a hundred others led out in late february but they will remain under house arrest.
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people cheered as their knees were driven away from their last high security prison but the mothers of those still behind bars couldn't control their desperation we want to be free and healthy this mother cried at least five hundred seventy people remain behind bards some analysts believe the releases are necessary for real talks to happen. it's clear that those released keep having a sword over the heed the trials continue and the charges remain in effect but it's a first step in any case this process will be long and difficult. but with this center remaining criminalized and heavily repressed on the streets from an hour it will be difficult for any real negotiations to start this and that i'm just. u.s. forensic teams have started examining bodies from mass graves around the. uk it is estimated that more than three thousand people from the minority group were killed
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by fighters and they moved in five years ago the tory again the details. forensic scientists search for evidence of human remains in kojo village on the outskirts of sin john as the relatives of the missing presumed dead watched them work it's thought i saw fighters killed thousands of easy men women and children in sin jaw over just a few days in august twenty fourth targeting them for their religious beliefs many may have been shot beheaded or burned alive. today the iraqi government and the u.n. are opening the first mass graves it contains the remains of almost fifty bodies all men from the village this is the first of seventy three mass graves to be examined in this area the u.n. says isis campaign of murder and sexual assault against these e.d.'s amounts to genocide. this mass grave that we've seen today contains the remains of people
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a community that faced the most heinous kind of criminality by i saw. nobel peace laureate nadia murat is from she was among thousands of women and girls subjected to a systematic campaign of rape and sexual violence by isis fighters she says those who were kidnapped and taken to syria need help to return home. we demand the international community and the iraqi government form a committee that will search for years e.g. women and children in syria with the end of eisel there the fate of thousands of years e.d.'s is still uncertain. many as it is remain in camps the internally displaced people in northern iraq for those who have returned home reminders of the atrocities committed against their community all around the turia gates and be. al jazeera.
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living you're watching out is there and these are main stories new zealand's top police officer says there will be a highly visible presence nationwide for the return to work on monday morning after mosque shootings in christchurch friday's attack killed fifty muslims schools with businesses and places of worship will now extra security prime minister just into our journey hopes all bodies can be handed over for burial by wednesday but even that the prime minister is also given more details about a so-called manifesto emailed to her just moments before the attack i was one of more than fish the recipients of a mina menefee story that was my old out nine minutes before the attack took place it did not include a location it did not include specific details i'm advised that within two minutes of its receipt at least my office it was conveyed directly to parliamentary
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security but the assurance i want to go visit had it provided details that could have been edited on immediately it would have been but the unfortunately would not be such details in their email well turkey's foreign minister has arrived in new zealand because of cover so lou will meet members of the muslim community and visit the scenes of the attacks at least three turkish nationals are now known to have died in the shootings. flash floods have killed at least fifty people in the indonesian province of papua terentia rain triggered the damage in the provincial capital jayapura floodwaters have receded leaving a trail of mud fallen trees and homes. those are the headlines the. three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union accept is yet to take foreign cambray can seem
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through its divorce from its european neighbors the whole process still be read vast stay with al-jazeera for the latest. to see. the turmoil of post soviet russia in the ninety's saw a handful of business people grow rich. while the country itself group poor. and the world stage a once proud nation was humiliated. into the mix of chaotic capitalism and wild west opportunity step two young stanford business graduate ready to make his fortune. bill browder built the largest foreign investment fund in russia revelling in deals that saw his investments increased ten fold overnight emboldened by his own success browder began to speak out about a culture of corporate corruption. soon forming.


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